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We provide inspiring photo-reportage on girls' education around the world


© Arvind Eyunni

© Arvind Eyunni

Girls’ education is not an option but an imperative of economic, social and political development of societies.
United Nations Secretary-General, World Education Forum, Dakar, Senegal, 26 April, 2000. SG/SM/7369.


Education is a universal human right.

Education improves literacy, numeracy and life skills.

Education saves mothers’ lives.

Education decreases child mortality.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty.

Education increases employment opportunities.

Education encourages tolerance.

Source : UNESCO Reports Education For All


Kamoda and Lai Communities, India | Free The Children
Masai, Kipsigi and Kisii Communities, Kenya | Free The Children
Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya | WUSC | Windle Trust Kenya
Wuchale Community, Ethiopia | Right To Play
Kara and Dapaong Communities, Togo | Humanity & Inclusion
Urdu Program, Hyderabad, India  | Pratham
Leribe Community, Lesotho | Help Lesotho


Dominique Cabrelli + Maria Cabrelli + Manuela Clément-Frencia + Jonathan Delmas + Arvind Eyunni + Maria Laham + Aline Marie Lemay + Jean-Francois Lemire + Victor Rodrigues + Mónica Rodríguez Gómez + Charlotte Verbiest + Nathalie Videau